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Owner of a property in the arve valley, you would like to rent it during the seasonal rental periods or even out of season and you are looking for a reliable interlocutor in order to ensure the follow-up and the stewardship? Then you are at the right place!
A true interface between you and the tenants, the Conciergerie Gypaète will advise you and assist you in monitoring the activity of your property.

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Optimize your property and improve your income by entrusting us with its follow-up.

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Professional and performant management

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Stay zen and leave peacefully

La Conciergerie Gypaète assists and accompanies you in the success of your holiday rental project.
To accompany you as well as possible, we advise you to opt for the platinum option in order to benefit from a complete assistance, from the management of the schedules on the specialized Internet portals such as AirBnBAbritel or, the management of the handing over of the keys with an inventory of fixtures and until the exit cleaning, we will put all our know-how and our competences at the service of your tourist hiring.


- Wait and welcome the guests

- Answer their questions (restaurants, good things to know...)

- Indicate the functioning of tv, the internet...

- Handing over the keys

- Send the feedback of the check in by message.


- Feedbacks from their stay

- Check the condition of the accomodation

- Recovery of the keys.

- Closing all the doors and windows.

- Send the feedback of the check out by message.


Exit rental cleaning, spring cleaning, cleaning during the stay, end of construction cleaning, end of moving cleaning. According to your needs, we find the solution that fits best.

Rental exit cleaning

In general, it is a package deal because it is impossible to say in advance how many hours the provider will have to spend to clean your property. This often depends on the tenants.It is therefore preferable to establish a fixed price based on the number of rooms for example. These costs are generally charged to the tenants and include only the interior cleaning. (neither exteriors nor linen).

During the stay cleaning

Some regular vacationers prefer to anticipate at the time of booking. They know that they will be on vacation and will not want to spend time cleaning themselves during their stay or have part of their deposit withheld because the cleaning would leave something to be desired when they leave.

End of construction cleaning

This service is generally required by the builder of your property, at the very end of the work. This superficial cleaning is very complicated. It enables to check the aspect of all the materials, to see if there are defects on these last ones at the time of a reception of work for example.

End of moving cleaning

This cleaning is very different from the end of construction site cleaning. A lot of dust from the work will have fallen back since the cleaning at the end of the construction site, the boxes of furniture will have been unpacked and it will be a question of going into detail. This cleaning is normally solicited by the owner and at his expense. It will finally allow you to live in your property.

Spring cleaning

After the arrival of Pollen in general. Indeed, one should not confuse a rental exit cleaning, also called a departure cleaning, with a spring cleaning where the whole house is cleaned from floor to ceiling, including the exteriors (window sills, front roofs if necessary, etc...).For example, the windows: if it rained for 15 days during a first rental, it will be difficult to clean all the windows of your property before the arrival of a second vacationer, on the same day, especially on a Saturday when there is a high turnover of rentals for all providers.

In general, during the cleaning at the end of the rental period, we will remove the most visible fingerprints on the windows and we will advise the owners to call the Conciergerie Gypaète or a specialist at the end of the rental period if they wish to do so.

Windows cleaning

There are companies specialized in window cleaning. These professionals are equipped and insured to clean all your windows whatever their height. Generally, they also take care of the cleaning of veluxes.

Outdoor spaces cleaning

Either at the beginning or at the end of the season, do not hesitate to contact us in order to put your outdoor spaces back in order.


We take care of the washing and drying of your bed and bathroom linen through our dry cleaning service provider.

1 Double bed kit includes: 1 fitted sheet, 1 comforter cover, 2 pillowcases.

1 Toilet Kit 2 persons includes: 2 bath sheets, 2 towels, 1 bath mat

Our formulas include the maintenance of bed and bathroom linen for 2 people. Rates vary according to the number of occupants of the accommodation.

Our advices

What should I do to rent my property? The experience of the seasons has allowed us to develop a list of tips for our owners.
In order for the rental to go as well as possible for you and your future tenants, it is necessary to provide the following equipment:
  • 2 sets of keys and/or beeps.
  • A welcome booklet, which will allow all your guests (and even your family or friends) to better understand the functioning of your property and thus avoid any breakdowns or breakages during the rental period, concerning roller shutters, household appliances, Digicode numbers, various instructions, etc...
  • WIFI (code to be indicated in the welcome booklet).
  • A coffee machine (with about ten pods in advance for each rental).
  • Protections for mattresses and pillows.
  • Dishcloths and tablecloths to protect your tables (fleece and/or oilcloth for outdoor furniture).
  • If plancha/barbecue provide two gas bottles (one opened, one new).
  • Provide spare bulbs adapted to the main lights of your property.
  • Provide pods for washing machine / dishwasher.
  • Provide toilet paper in advance for all rentals.
  • Replace your soap holders with dispensers (kitchen / shower room / bathroom / toilet).
  • Provide small garbage cans (with garbage pockets) in each toilet and shower room.
  • A stewardship cupboard will be reserved for the storage of "advance products" for all successive rentals and the return of the owners.
  • Groceries: salt/pepper/oil/vinegar/spices and packages of pasta, rice... unopened.
  • Your personal belongings must be stored (sentimental or financial values) in a locked room of the house.
  • Your personal household linen must not be left at the disposal of the tenants (except kitchen towels, placemats and tablecloths possibly).