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logo. Gypaete. Gypaete barbu. Mountain.Conciergerie Gypaète. concierge service. Apartment rental. Chamonix. Arve Valley.

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You are the owner of a property in the Arve Valley, you would like to rent it during the seasonal rental periods or even out of season and you are looking for a reliable contact to ensure the follow-up and the management? Then don't look any further, you are at the right place! Real interface between you and the guests, the Conciergerie Gypaète guides you and advises you in the follow-up of the activity of your property.

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Who am I?

Settled in the Chamonix valley for 16 years, professional, available, rigorous and reactive, I have an eye for detail, I like work well done and read the satisfaction of a customer on his face! Passionate, I love my job, human relations and our beautiful region. Whether you are an owner or a guest, I am committed to providing you with quality services so that every moment is dedicated to relaxation and that your living space is like a small cocoon!

- Cindy

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